Vehicle Recycling Services in Kent, Surrey, Essex, and London

Vehicle Recycling Services in Kent, Surrey, Essex, and London

We specialize in eco-friendly scrap car disposal and recycling services. As a licensed and reputable business, we are approved by the DVLA and Environment Agency in the UK. Based in Kent, we proudly serve the areas of Surrey, Essex, and London. We are committed to providing efficient and responsible vehicle recycling solutions. Whether you have an old car, van, or any other vehicle, we ensure proper dismantling, recycling, and disposal in compliance with environmental regulations.

    Our Vehicle Recycling Process


    The first step is to collect the end-of-life vehicles from various sources such as private owners, dealerships, or scrapyards.


    We take the vehicles to authorized treatment facilities where they undergo de-pollution. This involves removing hazardous materials like oils, fuels, batteries, and other fluids to prevent environmental contamination.

    Dismantling (break up)

    After depolluting the vehicles, we dismantle them and extract valuable components and parts for reuse or resale.


    Recycling facilities process the remaining materials, including metal, plastics, glass, and rubber. They shred and separate metals, while sorting and sending plastics, glass, and rubber for recycling or energy recovery.

    Scrapyard or Shredder

    After completing the recycling process, we typically send the remaining vehicle shells to scrapyards or shredders for further processing.

    Disposal of Residues

    The recycling process disposes of any residual waste generated in an environmentally responsible manner, following local regulations and guidelines.

    Compliance with Regulations

    Throughout the entire process, we follow strict regulations and guidelines set by the DVLA and Environment Agency to ensure legal compliance and environmental protection.

    Sustainable Practices

    Vehicle recycling in the UK emphasizes sustainability, aiming to minimize waste, conserve resources, and reduce the environmental impact associated with end-of-life vehicle