Drive Clean with TLF: Exploring the Van and Minibus Scrappage Scheme for a Greener London

tfl scrappage scheme


As London gears up for the 2023 ULEZ TFL Scrappage Scheme expansion, small businesses, traders, and charities get a chance to impact air quality. Transport for London introduces the ULEZ van and minibus scrappage scheme, aiding organizations in scrapping or retrofitting vehicles not meeting ULEZ standards. In this post, we’ll explore scheme details, eligibility, funds, and how businesses can join the eco-friendly initiative.

The ULEZ van and minibus scrappage scheme, a Mayor of London initiative, aims to boost city air quality. It targets vans and minibuses, catering to sole traders and small businesses (under 50 employees).

Funding Opportunities

Organizations qualifying for the scheme can avail themselves of grants of up to £11,500. This financial aid can be utilised for scrapping or retrofitting vans or minibuses that do not comply with ULEZ standards. The scheme empowers businesses with choices, allowing them to opt for scrapping, retrofitting, or transitioning to electric vehicles.

Application Process and Criteria

Eligible organizations can apply for up to three vehicles under the scheme, with specific conditions for reapplication. Vehicles must meet ULEZ non-compliance, 12+ months registration, insurance, and possess a valid MOT.

Retrofitting for a Cleaner Future

Retrofitting is a viable option through the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS) for certain Euro 5 vans or minibuses. Grant payment options include scrapping a van (£7,000), scrapping a minibus (£9,000), retrofitting a van (£6,000), retrofitting a minibus (£6,000), scrapping and replacing with an electric van (£9,500), and scrapping and replacing with an electric minibus (£11,500).

Documentation and Application Process

To join in, just make sure your vehicle qualifies, go online to apply, and send in docs like Companies House reg, ID, business insurance proof, and vehicle papers. The application process involves two stages: online application and vehicle scrappage, retrofitting, or replacement.

Additional Payments and Timeline

Additional payments may be available from an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) for scrapped vehicles. Successful applicants should submit evidence of scrappage or retrofit, and grant payments will be made once the evidence is verified. However, it’s essential to note that the scheme operates on a first-come, first-served basis, with limited funds available.

Grace Periods and Support Offers

For those concerned about meeting the ULEZ expansion deadline, there is a business and charity short-term grace period for new vehicles or retrofitted vehicles not ready for the ULEZ expansion. Additionally, ULEZ support offers include exclusive promotions for successful scrappage applicants and other discounts for London residents.


The ULEZ scheme offers London businesses a chance to contribute to a greener city. Utilizing this initiative ensures compliance and supports environmental sustainability amid the 2023 ULEZ expansion. For more detailed information and to apply, visit the ULEZ van and minibus scrappage scheme page.

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